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Digital Assets Management

Managing the ever-increasing volume of digital content in today’s business world is challenging. Finding the right files, distributing them, and ensuring their security can be daunting; and this is where The Arabian Experts would rise to help.

The Arabian Experts provides the best in class digital asset management initiative along with customized software and business processes. With this solution in place, an organization can easily organize, find, and share their digital content.

Enterprises need digital asset management for a variety of reasons. Some archive valuable photos or documents for later retrieval or sale, and others share digital content with internal and external sources. For organizations that produce creative materials, the ability to provide workflow approval throughout the process is invaluable. Increasingly, businesses find value in integrating digital asset management solutions with the existing business applications that make their enterprise run smoothly.

At The Arabian Experts we managed to maintain large footprints of Media Assets that helped our clients get better access to their files ensuring that they are well placed and highly secured.

The Arabian Experts offers variety types of Asset Management Systems that are deployed within organizations such as:

  • Library Asset Management Systems - these are typically DAM solutions that focus on storage and retrieval of large amounts of assets that are ‘historical’ in nature and don’t change frequently - such as video footage of old news or events - or images that are stored due to their value as a snapshot.
  • Brand Asset Management Systems - these are typically DAM solutions which have a focus on encouraging the re-use of content within large organizations. Typical types of asset could be company logo’s or centrally controlled imagery.
  • Production Asset Management Systems - these are typically DAM solutions which focus on the storage, organization, workflow and revision control of frequently changing digital assets. Typical examples of this could be assets used for marketing collateral, online web pages, product catalogues.
  • Digital Supply Chain Asset Management - these are typically DAM solutions where the assets being managed are distributed to retailers either as an assistive or costed service. The assets tend to depend on the industry being supplied but could be i.e.. images and video of a new phone to mobile phone retailers.
Digital Assets Management

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